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Non-surgical Fat reduction

At last, a truly non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for body contouring, skin tightening, cellulite reduction and fat reduction.
Face Body & Soul  RF (radio frequency) system can treat most areas of your body, including your abdomen, thighs, face, neck and arms.


Is the treatment right for me?

If diet and exercise have failed to reduce areas of unwanted fat, then RF FatBlaster non-invasive treatment may provide the help you are looking for. The treatment program is designed to improve body shape and reduce unwanted fat from areas such as face and neck, upper arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, knees, calves, ankles and male breasts.

One of the major benefits over surgical procedures is that your body generates its own collagen, during and after the treatment for many months to come.
This collagenesis tightens your skin and connective tissue, whilst increasing micro circulation and assisting with your lymphatic drainage.
Accent Fat Reduction is not a substitute for dieting and exercising, and it is not a weight loss procedure.
It is extremely effective in tightening skin and reducing fat and cellulite in areas that just do not respond to traditional weight reduction methods.

How is non-surgical Fat Reduction performed? 

Using a combination of Bipolar and Unipolar radio frequency your area to be treated is heated to a therapeutic temperature range.
A number of passes are performed over the area, maintaining an optimum and predetermined temperature range.
This process commences the breakdown and removal of intra cellular waste and unwanted fat from specific and treated areas of the body.
Treatment areas are mapped out to recontour your shape, aided by accurate photographic record and measurements at each step in the process.

How long do the treatment sessions take?

RF Fat Blaster treatments can take from 15 minutes to 1 hour. RF Fat Reduction is not a substitute for weight loss, but rather a way to change what heredity may have given you in regard to your proportion.
Several variations of the procedure exist and by assessing your health, and your desired result, your consultant will decide the treatment program that is best for you.

How will I look and feel after my treatments?

You will in most cases see some visible reduction in the treated areas. As most treatments are carried out on a fortnightly basis, you will see the change occurring. Photographic data supports this process.
You will have no discomfort, you may experience some localised redness in the treatment area, this diminishes rapidly. You can return to work straight after your treatment.

How soon will I see results?

Usually patients notice changes within 4 sessions. The average number of treatments is 8 increasing to 12 in certain cases for maximum results.
We can provide comprehensive programs that are tailored specifically for you, including lifestyle management and RF FatBlaster packages.
These complete treatment packages can include analysis with our MetaBolic Check indirect calorimeter through to V02 max for programmed weight loss and fitness potential.
We also offer Detoxification, M’lis body wraps, Lymphatic drainage, BodyFlow, diet, and personalised exercise programmes. Our dietitian, physiotherapist, and personal trainers are available for consultation.

Liposuction – The surgical alternative.

For some years now, liposuction has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed worldwide. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Academy of Dermatology, thousands of men and women take control of their shape each year with this relatively, safe yet invasive cosmetic procedure.

Our Doctors can consult and provide all levels of Liposculpture, from small area, minimally invasive local anaesthesia procedures, through to large area liposculpture with general anaesthesia, these procedures are performed in an accredited day surgery.
The downside to liposuction is post operative pain, effects of anaesthesia, downtime from work, including wearing uncomfortable compression garments.
Patients who present for consultation are advised of their non surgical and surgical options and suitability for treatment.


After 10 fortnightly sessions to his abdomen.

After 12 fortnightly sessions to his abdomen.

How much does the Accent RF FatBlaster treatment cost?

Accent RF FatBlaster price packages vary based on your shape, your desired outcome and number of areas to be treated. Schedule a complimentary consultation to find out more.
You don’t have to accept your body as the product of heredity.

You can ‘redefine your design’ and feel great about your body with RF FatBlaster.

If you require further information on our Accent RF FatBlaster treatments,  book an appointment, or just ask a question please call 9824 6134 or send an email.

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