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Acne Treatment  – Drug Free

When you’ve got active acne, all you want to do is get rid of it, well now you can with our acne treatment, AcneBlueyou, is the non invasive, drug free treatment that uses Radio frequency and LED light.

This is a clinically proven, safe, effective and painless treatment that is designed to work for patients just like you.

The Facts.

For most young people, acne can be a bit of hassle but for others it can be devastating. It is important to remember that all types of acne can be well controlled by safe and effective acne treatment.
We have discovered a lot about acne over the years and have developed effective ways of treating it, but, we still don’t know everything we’d like to know… like why some young people get more severe forms of acne and others don’t.

Who suffers from acne?

Acne is the most common of skin diseases, affecting 85 per cent of Australians aged 15-24 years old.
Very few people manage to escape their teenage and young adult years without some pimples and blackheads.
Acne usually clears spontaneously for most people by their mid 20s. However, for some young people acne is a far more serious problem with the possibility of permanent physical, mental and emotional effects.

When it comes to acne, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or girl as both sexes get acne.
Adolescent boys and young men (13 – 25 yrs old) have higher levels of androgens than females so they are more likely to have acne. Androgens are hormones that control and rule the development of sexual organs. More males are also more likely to have severe acne. Acne in guys usually settles during their early 20s.
If you’re a female, you’re more likely to suffer with ongoing acne. In some cases, this means acne can be hanging around even in your 30s and 40s. Girls can also develop the first signs of acne just after reaching puberty.

What causes acne?

Acne happens when the oil glands (pores) in your skin become blocked. Hormones make your oil glands produce more oil (sebum) and if the pores are blocked, a build-up occurs and you’ve got acne.
Your face, neck, chest, shoulders and upper back are the areas mainly affected by acne because they have the highest percentage of oil glands.
Acne usually starts at puberty when increased levels of hormones (known as androgens) cause an increase in the size and oil production of glands.
If you have a family history of acne, it may also increase your chances of developing acne.
What happens under your skin before pimples appear?
If pores become blocked, oil builds up and causes irritation. Bacteria rapidly multiply within these blocked follicles contributing to the redness, swelling and tenderness of pimples. Dramatic results can be achieved with Accent RF treatments.

Advice for treating mild acne.

If the appearance of mild acne is concerning you, you need to take some necessary and basic important steps:
1. Speak to Face Body & Soul about our clinical grade acne skin care products, designed for your particular skin type.
2. Follow the instructions carefully to help clear existing pimples and prevent new ones from forming.
3. Stick with your recommended skin care plan, usually a gentle cleanser and mild moisturiser. Keep cosmetic use to a minimum. Avoid oil-based cosmetics, as they can clog your pores. Face Body & Soul recommend high quality mineral based cosmetics.
4. If you’re still concerned about your acne after eight weeks, make an appointment to re-visit Face Body & Soul.
Moderate acne.
If you have papules (raised reddish bumps) or pustules (the same raised reddish bumps but with white centres) you may have moderate acne, especially if the lesions are widespread across the face or body. Breakouts last longer than in mild acne and often do not go away.
If our recommended skin care products are not working and you think you have moderate acne, you should contact Face Body & Soul to evaluate if you need an AcneBlueyou treatment plan.
When moderate acne is not treated early enough, it can leave a permanent scar on the skin, so it’s good to get in early with AcneBlueyou treatments.
Severe acne.
If you have large, deep, solid and painful lumps or cysts under your skin, you may have severe acne, this type of acne can be controlled with AcneBlueyou treatments.
Breakouts can cover large areas of your face or body and last longer than moderate acne, often not going away for months or years. It can have a huge impact on your self-confidence and self-esteem, leading to anxiety and depression. Severe cystic acne will not usually respond to over the counter skincare products available at pharmacies or from supermarket shelves. However, people with severe cystic acne should consult with Face Body & Soul for advice to manage severe acne.
Untreated, severe acne can cause permanent and disfiguring scars. If you have severe active acne, ask your Face Body & Soul consultant for assessment and further treatment advice with an AcneBlueyou treatment program designed for you.

How does the AcneBlueyou treatment work?

Accent Radio frequency using UniPolar technology is the key component in your AcneBlueyou treatment. Put simply, Face Body & Soul treatment technology uses Radio Frequency technology which heat your subcutaneous dermal tissue, breaking the sebum cycle that causes active acne to form.
AcneBlueyou also contracts and restructures collagen, resulting in skin tightening and improved skin quality. You’ll see the improvement after a course of treatments and feel how your skin becomes smoother, more elastic and blemish free. There is no down time and no pain! It is a walk-in/walk-out procedure which takes approx 20 to 30 minutes.
Rejuvenating LED delivers a totally natural method of Blue LED light skin treatment which helps break the bacteria cycle in active acne. Blue LED light complements your skin’s own natural processes to help rejuvenate your skin’s appearance, by diminishing the recurrence of acne.
AcneBlueyou is based on a course of 6 fortnightly treatments, it has been designed by our medical team in conjunction with an international group of health and medical professionals – acne experts, who understand everything about acne. Face Body & Soul also have treatments for older acne scarring and skin damage.
If you have acne scarring and damaged skin…
Accent Pixel RF is a key feature of AcneBlueyou treatment Pixel RF, is sometimes also known as fractional resurfacing a treatment for improving skin texture and blending-in skin imperfections such as acne scarring. Small area treatments are also possible, this means even the smallest acne scar can be repaired.
AcneBlueyou price packages vary based on your skin condition, your desired outcome and number of areas to be treated.

If you require further in formation on our acne treatment, or would like to make an appointment, please call us on 9824 6134 or contact us via email.


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