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Hymen repair / Hymen Rejuvenation

Hymen repair or hymen rejuvenation is a procedure many undergo for religious or cultural reasons.
We fully understandHymen repair face body & Soul

  • the sensitive nature of this procedure; and would like to offer you as much information regarding our philosophy and approach to hymen repair.
  • that is not easily talked about, even among friends, or family.
  • that you may have not even spoken to anyone about it.
  • that often this will remain personal and not shared with a soul, and respect your privacy.

The hymen repair procedure involves the reconstruction of the hymen. Hymenoplasty is performed to make the patient appear virginal.
It works for women who have not had vaginal deliveries. Once a hymenoplasty has been completed and healed, the act of sexual intercourse can result in bleeding when the hymen is torn or stretched.

Will anyone know I have had this procedure?

No, as with all our treatments and procedures, we must respect our patient’s privacy and anything you have at Face Body & Soul WILL NOT be discussed with anyone, without your permission.

How long does the procedure take?

Your hymen repair will take about 1 hour.

Does it hurt?

We ensure you are comfortable during this time as the procedure is pain-free. There is minimal discomfort afterwards and you can return to normal activities usually the next day. The tissues heal almost invisibly.

Risks associated with Hymen Repair?

As with all procedures, there are inherent risks and possible complications. Due to the nature of the procedure, they are minimal. Your Doctor will discuss these risks with you during your consultation; so you will be fully informed before the procedure is performed.

Your first consultation

You are most welcome to come in for a consultation with one of our doctors. If that is too difficult your first step could be with our experienced and caring patient advisor, Julie Dean.
She has worked with our past and present patients for more than 12 years. Before during and after your procedure, Julie will support you so that you gain a better understanding of this very personal procedure and its recovery.
This consultation is does not cost you anything. The cost for your procedure is $2,900

We understand what you are going through.
We respect you and will ensure everything is discrete and confidential.
We are here to support you whilst you are deciding whether hymen repair is the right for you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding hymen repair, please contact our very caring and experienced practice manager Julie  for more information or a private consultation. Email or call her on 03 9824 6134.

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