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Labiaplasty Research

Labiaplasty research, like seeking information on most cosmetic procedures, we are referring to the internet for information before making deciding on the next step. We hope this will answer many of your questions.

Most of us have not seen many different vaginae, so it easy to perhaps make the assumption that we’re all the same down south. But just as our faces, noses or ears are different, the female genitalia also have many variants in appearance, none of which are incorrect.

Vaginal rejuvenation covers various concerns. Our most popular procedure is the labioplasty with the vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening making up about 20% most of the information on this page is relevant to both procedures.

While they may not be the most well-known procedures, labioplasty and vaginal tightening are becoming a popular procedure for women who are unhappy with the overall shape and appearance of their vagina.
Labiaplasty is also known as labioplasty, labia reduction.

Why are women unhappy with their labia or size of vagina?

The problem may:

  • have started in early teenage years and have been too embarrassed to talk about it.
  • be caused shape changes caused  by childbirth,
  • ageing
  • be caused by trauma

This can result in:

  • discomfort with intimate contact causing lack of confidence
  • chronic irritation while playing sport or bike riding
  • uncomfortable in some underwear
  • vaginal  pain
  • feeling embarrassed in some clothing such as swim or gym wear  or even jeans.
  • having lack of confidence without your clothes on or being with a partner
Most women live with these symptoms because they can be too embarrassed to ask advice on such a personal problem, or just don’t know where to go to get professional advice.
We understand it is a really big step to explore your options outside Google. We respect your privacy and can offer personal consultations with a patient advisor, who will not examine you but show you lots of examples of our work or with a Doctor who will be able to assist you with options.

The patient advisor will provide you with procedure information including before and after care. You will get a feeling for the cosmetic medical practice.
If you wish, it can be arranged that you see the doctor as well. Or simply just a Doctor’s consultation can be arranged for you

As with everything we do, it is your choice, if or when you ever decide to do something or nothing. Don’t rush in to it and don’t get caught in the moment.

Questions to ask

  • Experience in performing vaginal rejuvenation – labiaplasty / vaginoplasty?
  • Does he perform them regularly?
  • Has he listened to me and understand my expectations?
  •  Can my expectations be achieved?
  • After care and support?
  • What can go wrong?
  • If I’m not happy with the result, can it be fixed, and who pays for the revision?

For further information:

If you require further assistance, or advice regarding your labiaplasty research or any concerns you have you are welcome to email me, Julie Dean. You are most welcome to come in for a private information consultation, or you are most to make a time to see the Doctor or call on 03 9824 6134.
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