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Liposuction works to help your self image, it’s how we picture ourselves, and how we perceive other people relate to us.
Our self esteem is a powerful driver and one of the main reasons to consider the option of a Face Body & Soul liposculpture procedure.
Prospective patients should only consider treatment if it is for personal health or appearance reasons and not due to the influence of another person. You have probably tried many types of diets and exercised and there are still stubborn areas of fatty deposits on your body that you dislike and feel uncomfortable with.

Liposuction – reshape your body to fit your spirit.

Your reason for choosing liposuction may be as simple as just wanting to look better in the mirror, or in your clothing. While liposuction is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, it can make you look and feel better.
Through liposuction, both men and women can improve the shape of their bodies with this relatively simple and safe technique.
Liposuction is one of the most popular and fastest growing surgery procedures and involves the removal of localised fat cells from the body. It may be used alone or in conjunction with other procedures. Our doctors can consult and provide all levels of Liposculpture, from small area, minimally invasive local anesthesia procedures, through to large area liposculpture with general anesthesia, these procedures are performed in an Accredited day surgery.

How is liposuction performed?

A suction tube is inserted through a tiny incision (approx 3-4mm) placed in an inconspicuous location on the skin. Under vacuum, fat cells are extracted through this tube. The result is a resculpting of bulging areas into more attractive contours.
We perform the Tumescent Liposuction Technique, where large amounts of diluted local anaesthetic and adrenalin are infused into the fatty area, resulting in numbness of the area and constriction of blood vessels.
This leads to a painless and easy removal of unwanted fatty bulges.
It also reduces swelling and bruising after the procedure.
Our liposuction is carried out without awareness, discomfort or pain to the patient. In many cases for safety and body shape reasons the procedures are conducted with general anaethesia, in an accredited day surgery.

Does liposuction work for everybody?

The best candidates for  Liposuction should have firm elastic skin, be in good health and have tried to eliminate bulges through, diet and exercise. You should have realistic expectations and understand that liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss or a healthy lifestyle.

What areas can be treated?

The most frequent areas treated by  liposuction in men are the waist, chest, abdomen and neckline. In women they include: upper and lower back, arms, thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, knees, lower leg, cheeks, and double chins.

How are the benefits measured?

Cosmetically speaking,  successful liposuction is measured in lost centimetres, rather than kilograms.
The weight removed is not as important as the improvement in the new contours of your body.
Most important is your improved body image and new found confidence.

Is the fat removal permanent?

Yes! It seems that after puberty we do not create new fat cells. When you gain weight, you expand the fat cells you have. Face Body & Soul liposuction permanently removes fat cells to improve your body’s contour. Should you gain weight after liposuction, it goes to the fat cells that remain in your body. The fatty deposits that existed prior to liposuction are unlikely to balloon up out of proportion to the surrounding areas.

Will I need a second procedure?

In the majority of cases one procedure will be sufficient. However, some patients may require a fine tuning procedure at a future date.

Will liposuction get rid of cellulite?

Liposuction is not a treatment for cellulite, although many patients do notice an improvement in the appearance of cellulite after the fat cells are removed.

What is the recovery period like after the procedure?

After your procedure you may feel drowsy from the anaesthetic. It is important to have someone drive you home and stay overnight. The next day, even though you may be feeling some localised pain, you must come back to Face Body & Soul for your  post operative consultations.

  • You will be required to wear a compression garment for at least 2 weeks after your procedure. We supply the garments as part of your package.
  • The garments are made out of strong lycra type material and are designed to hide under your clothing so no one need know you are wearing them.
  • You will be given some medication to prevent swelling and infection and it is important you take this as instructed. You may experience some discomfort and stiffness initially, but this will gradually disappear.
  •  The puffiness, tenderness and bruising (if any) of the treated area will disappear in about two weeks.
  •  Most patients tolerate the discomfort without the need for pain killers (e.g. Panadol).
  • After the first day we recommend you walk for at least 30 minutes each day and otherwise continue with your normal activities.
  • If you should go on a long car or plane trip, you must walk for at least 5 minutes every hour during the trip. You can return to non strenuous work within 2 days.
  • You should wait at least 10 days before attempting more intense activity and if discomfort is experienced with any activity it should be discontinued.
  • Included in your post operative care is massage and Bodyflow treatments to assist with healing and lymphatic drainage.
  • Special cases in which excess skin remains after the procedure may require either AccentRF (Radio Frequency) treatment to tighten skin or possibly surgical removal of this baggy skin to achieve a better cosmetic result. Some skin tightening may occur as a result of collagen formation but it depends on each individual.

When can I return to my normal daily activities?

  • Showering may be commenced in a few days.
  •  Normal activities can be resumed the next day in most patients with more strenuous activities resumed in approx. 3 to 4 weeks.

Side effects of liposculpture.

  • Discomfort – pain and stiffness is variable and is usually minimal and may last for several days to 3 weeks. Tenderness at the treatment site may be felt for a number of weeks post operatively. This will vary depending upon several factors including the extent of the procedure and each patient’s personal pain tolerance.
  • Undue pain may mean a complication so your Face Body & Soul Doctor must be notified immediately.
  • Numbness – often occurs, if it does it usually disappears after several months.
  • Bruising – This will be seen as skin discoloration usually black, blue or yellow and can last for 2-3 weeks.
  • Swelling – occurs in treatment areas especially knees and ankles and can last several weeks.
  • Stockings may be required to be worn for up to 6 weeks or longer when the lower legs are treated.
  • Texture irregularities or lumpy areas occur less often but remain much longer and can be improved with our post operative massage.
  • Liposculpture complications.
  • Infection – is rare and can be treated with antibiotics or rarely may require a small incision
  • Allergic reactions – can occur with any medications. It is important if you experience any reactions including rashes or itch to immediately notify a doctor or go to your nearest casualty department.
  • Heamatoma (collection of blood) or seroma (watery fluid) may develop and could require aspiration.
  • Skin loss – (sloughing) is extremely rare.
  • Deep vein thrombosis – is extremely rare, especially when Liposuction is performed under local anaesthesia.

Patients are advised that while every effort is made to achieve a perfect contour and smooth result, this is not always possible due to a number of factors such as skin elasticity, skin quality, volume of fat to be removed, post op compression, bone and muscle contours, previous scars, previous procedures etc.
Further procedures may be required to improve the initial result and is done at the patients expense, but at a reduced rate. Initially the benefits of the procedure cannot always be fully appreciated. The final result may not be seen for up to 6 months especially in the abdominal area.

This information provides a broad overview of our liposculpture procedure.
Our doctors and staff will provide you with a proposal specifically tailored to suit you. Every case and patient have their own individual requirements,  we listen to your needs and endeavour to understand your concerns through our in depth consultation process.
We look forward to helping create the ‘new you’ with a treatment plan that will ‘reshape your body to fit your spirit.’
So if you have any questions or concerns on liposuction we look forward to hearing from you. you can call 9824 6134 or email.



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