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For smoother, softer, healthier-looking skin.

They say true beauty comes from within. Actually it’s just below the surface. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and maintaining its health is a very important aspect of our well being.
Your skin is too precious to risk on unproven treatments.
Skin works hard to protect you from the sun, heat and cold. Over time, the environment’s harmful effects will begin to show on the outer layer of skin the world sees.
If you could remove that outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells, you would see that just below the surface of your skin lies a fresher, younger-looking you. That’s exactly what Face Body & Soul microdermabrasion treatments do for you.
Microdermabrasion on their own are recommended fortnightly.

Put you best face forwards with Face Body & Soul microdermabrasion treatments…
* This style of system has created the microdermabrasion revolution.
* It is the most widely-used skin repair system in the World today.
* Microdermabrasion treatments take less time than many chemical or laser skin treatments.
* Microdermabrasion treatments are affordable and safe for all skin types.

The Face Body & Soul microdermabrasion system is a cleansing device using a principal no different to a vacuum cleaner to clean the skin and empty out the blocked pores with a gentle vacuuming action.
This is quite comfortable and can be done without anaesthesia. When the treatment is completed the skin has a red healthy glow due to the increased circulation in the skin. This increased circulation brings with it oxygen and nutrients to refresh and regenerate the skin.

During the Face Body & Soul microdermabrasion treatment, fine jets of aluminium oxide crystals are sprayed on the skin. This has the effect of gently smoothing the skin surface and removing the outer layer of dead skin cells. With repeated treatments this results in a permanent reduction of skin surface irregularities. At the completion of your treatment, the treated area is red due to the increased circulation.
This can be covered with make-up and usually fades within one to two hours. There is no problem with returning to work and no discomfort after the treatment.

The main areas of use are in the treatment of facial skin rejuvenation, acne, both acute acne and acne scars, open pores on the face, surgical scars, any raised scar, even Keloid scars.

There are no specific contraindications to microdermabrasion except the recent use of the drug Roaccutane.
Gentle microdermabrasion can be commenced about six months after ceasing Roaccutane.
It is usually necessary to have multiple treatments over a period of time.
Most cases require about ten treatments but severe acne and acne scars may require more.
Treatments are usually done every two to three weeks but can be done weekly. The first few treatments may take up to 45 minutes but as the condition improves treatment time reduces to about half an hour.

As with all Face Body & Soul Skin Care programmes, we recommend at least 3 maintenance visits per year to ensure that your improvements in skin condition do not deteriorate.

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