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Join Tracey and Debbie on their facial rejuvenation and anti ageing journey at Face Body & Soul.
Over the next 14 weeks patients Tracey and Debbie from the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, will feature in the first in our series of Face Body & Soul “Rejuvenation Experiences.”
The girls will talk about their treatments, options, expectations and outcomes. Their experiences may help you in your process of maintaining or regaining your youthful good looks.
They will talk weekly on Mix101.1 about each exciting step in their process of non-surgical rejuvenation.
You will be able to see, genuine clinical before and after imagery, that will help you understand the treatment options available, in a real world medispa environment.
Follow the girls by tuning in to Mix101.1 and then linking in to this website for video clip updates.
Their Face Body & Soul experience will continue for a period of 14 weeks.

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