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“Hi I’m Debbie. Face Body & Soul have assessed my skin condition and will treat my face and body over the next 14 weeks.”
When Tracey and I started to talk about cosmetic treatments I only knew about cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures from shows like Nip Tuck and from reading articles in Womens’ magazines.
We both knew that many women in our area and even friends had undergone treatments, but no one seemed willing or open to talk about their procedures. Both of us knew that we were ready to have some work done, but, the concept of surgery was frightening and still for me a long way off being necessary. I thought that a more holistic or non-surgical approach was for me.

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My skin had started to show the visible signs of ageing, blemishes, wrinkles and certainly sun damage. I also don’t like the sagging skin around my face and neck. Our first visit to Face Body & Soul confirmed that I was on the right track, after an in-depth consultation and skin analysis, I am about to undergo a series of light, laser and other non-surgical treatments to rectify the problem areas on my face.

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