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Tracey and Debbie’s video updates.
As Tracey and Debbie continue to visit Face Body & Soul for their series of anti-ageing and rejuvenating treatments video footage will be taken to give you a small idea of what each treatment involves.
This footage will be accompanied by audio of Tracey and Debbie chatting about their treatments and progress as heard on Mix 101.1 FM.
Treatment video 1
In this video Tracey and Debbie visit Face Body & Soul for the first time. They both have an in-depth consultation where their concerns and treatment options are discussed.
The girls are given a demonstration of the RF FatBlaster treatment that is effective in the treatment of fat, cellulite and used for skin tightening and non-surgical facelifts.

Treatment video 2
In this video Tracey and Debbie have their first treatments.
Debbie starts with a facial cleanse and skin assessment to determine the best course of facial treatments tailored to her specific needs. This is followed by a facial IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatment to repair skin damage.
Tracey has the RF FaceLifter treatment to non-surgically lift, tighten and rejuvenate her facial features.

Treatment video 3
In this video Tracey and Debbie continue their treatments.
Debbie begins with the Omnilux Revive LED light therapy to rejuvenate and deeply hydrate her skin, as well as a relaxing facial with mud masque.
Tracey continues her RF FaceLifter treatment program to tighten and lift her facial features, this is followed by Omnilux Revive LED light therapy.

Treatment video 4
In this video: Tracey begins with an Environ Claytech Masque to improve hydration and remove excess oils from the surface of her skin, followed by IPL Skin Rejuvenation to her face to improve skin texture and quality and reduce the appearance of red capillaries.
Debbie is treated with RF FaceLifter to tighten and lift her facial features and improve the appearance wrinkles and fine lines around her eyes and mouth.

Treatment video 5
In this video: Debbie continues IPL treatment for her face to improve her skin texture and quality, and has her first treatment of IPL to her chest to treat the effects of long term sun exposure.
This is followed by Omnilux Revive LED light therapy.
Tracey continues her RF FaceLifter treatments which are starting to show considerable results; her skin is tighter, features lifted and fine lines reduced.

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