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“Hi I’m Tracey, this is my treatment diary that will allow you to follow my non-surgical treatments and progress at Face Body & Soul.”
My girlfriend Debbie and I have been considering having some work done on our faces for the last few years. You know the typical girl thing over coffee, we’ve discussed what is happening to our faces and bodies, we have compared ourselves to other women in the cafes we were sitting in… Had they had any work done? Did they have Botox to hide their wrinkles? It went on and on… Every morning in front of the mirror, I found myself lifting my facial features around my cheeks and jowls and on my forehead, I liked the lifted look. It made me look younger. Well we finally decided it was time to do something to slow down our visible ageing process.
Surgery was not an option for either of us, certainly not for me.
Our research led us to Face Body & Soul.

Tracey’s treatment plan
So here we are, about to launch on this fantastic journey that I hope will help me turn back the clock and make my skin look younger and my appearance not so tired looking. It’s all about timing, with the kids off my hands it’s time for me, time to indulge myself and insure that I don’t move into the next phase of my life without investing in me.

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