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Omnilux Revive is a safe, red light based  skin rejuvenation treatment. 

This non-surgical light therapy operates in the lowest light spectrum of 633 nanometers. It is the opposite of damaging UV light. It does not work in the same way as a laser or IPL (intense pulsed light), it is best described as a non-invasive, photo-facial for sun damaged or ageing skin, with an exact exposure of 20 minutes at it’s designed frequency, Omnilux energises, repairs and rejuvenates damaged skin. At the some time it boosts your body’s own collagen production.

The Omnilux Revive treatment is a completely painless, relaxing 20-minute experience, laying on a bed, under the light source. With your eyes shut, or wearing the optional block out goggles the warmth of the light feels similar to lying in the sun, your face is exposed to thousands of light-emitting diodes radiating non harmful pure red light.

Omnilux Revive is today’s non-invasive answer for anti-ageing, mild sun damage and skin irregularities. Omnilux is a space age technology developed by NASA. It’s been harnessed to create the most advanced anti-ageing skin treatment available to you here on earth,
Omnilux Revive uses the red light part of the natural white light spectrum, which complements your skin’s own natural moisture renewal process by deeply hydrating and plumping your skin.

The benefits of Omnilux Revive are like those achieved from a good facial massage, only much deeper. Omnilux Revive perfectly complements good skin-care, as it both prolongs and enhances the effects.

Omnilux revive Light therapy

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