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Facial Threadlift  (Skin Stitch)
Over the years the ravages of time, sun, wind and other elements all take their toll on the way we look.
As our skin ages, it moves downward with gravity creating a drooping of the brows, cheeks, jowls, corners of the mouth, and neck.
The Face Body & Soul Threadlift or skin stitch is not like a facelift as it does not involve cutting and removal of skin, and is not a substitute for a full surgical facelift. The procedure is often useful for patients who have previously had a facelift, but have a few residual loose or droopy areas. The Threadlift can ‘tidy up’ these areas.
The Threadlift procedure is also useful for younger patients who are not ready for face-lift surgery, or for those who do not want the scars which may result from surgery.
The Face Body & Soul consultation.

At Face Body and Soul your consultant will assess your skin condition and make recommendations on the most appropriate treatment for you. It may be a totally non invasive and non surgical solution or could include a consultation with a Face Body & Soul doctor, especially if you have those residual loose or droopy areas of skin, mentioned above. It can ‘tidy up’ these areas, that may not respond to other non surgical skin tightening procedures.
About threadlift or skin suturing.
The Face Body & Soul Threadlift is a minimally invasive procedure where stitches are placed under the skin to reposition droopy or loose areas of the face. As no skin is cut away, there is no real surgery.
The stitches are made of nylon material and are located permanently under the skin. After a few weeks, the body develops a tissue reaction around the stitches, which holds the skin in its new position.
Threadlift is a walk-in walk-out procedure that can turn the clock back 5 to 15 years, depending in your looks (anatomy), skill and experience of the surgeon and your personal goals.
How threadlift suturing works.
The basic idea is simple. This low-weight high-resistance threads have a clever method of “anchoring” to the facial tissue as the surgeon lifts the sagging anatomical structures following the vectors (directions) appropriate to obtain the desired new look.
Once released internally, your facial features will remain perfectly “anchored” in their new position for years to come. The wonderful fact that the threads can be “touched up” in the upcoming years to maintain the natural and youthful appearance obtained, makes this invention invaluable.
Before this procedure, the only resource available was the traditional face-lift with all its risks, trauma, suffering, prolonged downtime and high cost.
It is also useful for younger patients who are not ready for facelift surgery, or those who do not want the risk of visible scars. The stitches used in facial suturing last for years, but they may loosen with time, and the face may continue to droop with age.
The facial suturing procedure can be performed either under local anaesthesia or light sedation…
1. A small puncture is made in the skin either behind the ear or in the hairline.
2. A long needle with a suture is threaded directly under the skin until it reaches the area that is droopy.
3. The stitch is fixed in this position, and the needle returned to the original puncture. The stitch is then tied and buried under the skin.

Bruising may occur in some people but is not common. For most people, swelling is mild and usually lasts about ten days. During the facial suturing procedure there should be no pain as local anaesthesia is used.
After the Face Body & Soul Threadlift procedure there is often some pain behind the ears, so painkillers should be used. This usually settles after 24 hours.
Because only small punctures are made in the skin, and there is no skin removed, there is usually no scarring. The stitches reposition the skin, so there may be a slight pucker in front of the ear initially. This usually settles by itself.
If it does not settle then Face Body & Soul Radio frequency treatment may be used to tighten the skin.
* The stitches may initially feel too tight, but they will loosen to some extent after a few weeks.
* If they remain tight, the stitches may be removed and replaced with looser stitches.
* If the stitches are too loose, further stitches can be placed in the areas that are tighter.
* If you don’t like the look, the sutures can be removed altogether or replaced with other stitches.
The above changes are best done within the first 4 weeks after the procedure before the stitches become fixed in the skin by the tissue reaction.
Is the facial threadlift for everybody?
They will unfortunately not work for everybody.
Your suitability for the Face Body and Soul Threadlift will be assessed during a medical consultation with your cosmetic surgeon experienced in this relatively new treatment.
Who is an ideal candidate?
An ideal candidate is a person (female or male), that has some initial facial ageing, noted by subtle or evident “loosening” of the tissue as well as changes in their youthful features. People with severe ageing can benefit greatly.
If the appearance of “jowls” and deeper “marionette” lines affect negatively the facial presentation, it can be repaired using this exciting technology.
Skin suturing is a relatively non-invasive procedure, so there are few risks associated with it. However, with any procedure there are some potential complications. These include…
* Sutures are too tight: If this occurs, the sutures can be removed and others put in their place.
* Sutures too loose: If this occurs, the sutures can be removed and others put in their place.
* Breakage of sutures: If a suture breaks, new ones can be substituted.
* Infection: Infection is rare and can be treated with antibiotics.
* Bleeding: Bleeding and bruising may occur. Avoiding Aspirin and Vitamin E may minimize this.
* Asymmetry: This can be corrected by adjusting the sutures on one side.
* Bunching of the skin: When the sutures lift the skin up and back there may be some bunching of the skin near the ear. This usually settles with time.
* Fullness of the cheeks: There is usually some fullness in the cheeks, which can last for a few weeks.
* Feeling the sutures: Occasionally it is possible to feel the sutures behind the ear. It is rare to feel the sutures in the face.
* Seeing the sutures: It is rare to see the sutures as they are placed deeply in the skin.
What are the risks associated with the threadlift?
The skin stitch is a relatively non-invasive procedure, so there are few risks associated with it.
However, with any procedure there are some potential complications.
Should you wish to proceed with a Face Body & Soul Threadlift procedure, your treatment will be performed at our day surgery centre.
This online information provides a broad overview of the Face Body and Soul Threadlift procedure.
Your Face Body & Soul doctors and practice manager will provide you with a proposal specifically tailored to suit you.
Every case and individual patient have their own specific requirements, at Face Body & Soul we listen to your needs and endeavour to understand your concerns through our in-depth consultation process.
We look forward to helping create the ‘new you’ with a treatment plan that will refresh, rejuvenate and help slow down your visible signs of ageing.
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